Resources & Policies

Modern Slavery Statement

Globally it’s estimated that at least 21 million people are living in modern slavery today. The 2015 Modern Slavery Act requires 13,000 UK businesses to report annually on the steps they’ve taken to understand and minimise the risk of modern slavery in their operations and supply chains. It’s recognised that supply chains can be hugely complex and modern slavery hard to detect. However over time, by building more transparent supply chains and by working collaboratively, it’s hoped that businesses will play a significant role in reducing modern slavery globally.

Our business is committed to working to prevent slavery and human trafficking. Our 2018 statement explains the steps we’ve taken to identify and mitigate risks of modern slavery within our operations and supply chain during our financial year running from 1st November 2017 to 31st October 2018.

Download: 2018 Modern Slavery Statement

Download: 2017 Modern Slavery Statement

Download: 2016 Modern Slavery Statement

Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Our Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy sets out our zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and our commitment to implementing and enforcing effective systems to build transparency across our supply chains and identify, mitigate and address modern slavery issues.

Download: Anti-slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Gender Pay Report

Our family business is committed to being an employer of choice, with a guiding principle of an equitable, egalitarian and inclusive approach to reward. We’re committed to equal pay and welcome the introduction of gender pay reporting to encourage businesses to review and develop their processes for ensuring equality.

At Bettys & Taylors we employ just over 1,400 people in a diverse range of roles covering retail, catering, craft baking, manufacturing and support functions. Our 2018 Gender Pay Report is based on a snapshot of data taken on 5th April 2018.  It explains more about Gender Pay terminology and shares our data and what’s behind it.

Download: 2018 Gender Pay Report

Download: 2017 Gender Pay Report

Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure

We’re committed to high standards and a responsible approach to business, guided by our values. We encourage our staff to speak out if they have an issue and take allegations seriously. Though principally aimed at our employees and workers, our Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure can also be used by shareholders and Family members, as well as suppliers, business partners and others, to report any concerns about our business practice or conduct.

Download: Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure