Our Approach

As a family business we have the freedom to think and act differently to most. Our adventure is to work together to be the best and most unique independent family food and beverage company in the world, valued for our contribution to society, and creating pride and sustainable prosperity for all the stakeholders involved.

Our stakeholders include our 1,400 people. We strive to be a great place to work – a place where everyone is encouraged and supported to reach their potential, and where people work collaboratively as peers and leadership is shared. Our Group Prosperity Scheme allows everyone to share in the company’s profits.

For our suppliers – whether local farmers or tea and coffee growers overseas – we aim to pay fair, sustainable prices, develop long-term direct relationships, and work together to improve social and environmental standards.

For our customers we’re committed to providing delicious, top quality products and exceptional service, offering ‘good value’ through our own ‘good values’.

Raising funds for our branch charities at the Knaresborough Bed Race

We’re committed to sharing our success with our communities – home to present and future staff, customers and suppliers – and invest in projects and initiatives which cover education and skill sharing, recycling and educational awareness, and charitable support. We also support projects and partnerships which address deep-rooted social issues within our supply chain.

Meanwhile we continuously reduce our environmental impact and take positive environmental action through our long-standing tree planting campaign. Thanks to Trees for Life, together with the support of our customers, staff and community, we’ve planted over 3 million trees worldwide since 1990.

Our Approach

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Our environmental commitment spans the globe – covering improving environmental standards within our supply chain to our long-term commitment to tree planting.

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Working for us

With over 1,400 people working across eight sites, our family business employs people in a wide range of roles; from bakers to production engineers, waiters to commodities buyers and more besides.

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