Careers at Taylors

Between our teams at Taylors we cover nearly everything from sourcing the coffee beans or tea leaves to getting them into your cup. Our diverse roles include tea buying to production, accounting to engineering, marketing to distribution and everything in between.

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When you join Taylors you’ll understand why working here is unlike anywhere else; our family business is characterised by its warmth, openness and sense of community.

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Opportunities at Taylors

We recruit people who enjoy being part of a team and are attracted to our way of working and our values. We provide opportunities to grow your career, develop your skills – both through technical training and personal development – and to get involved in sharing our passion for quality tea and coffee with the rest of the world by representing our brands at sporting events, festivals and shows. All of which make coming to work more than just a job.

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Roles at Taylors

At Taylors we recruit for a range of roles and employ over 400 people, covering sales, innovation, finance, sourcing, marketing, operations, hospitality and production – all of which are fundamental to the success of our specialist tea and coffee business. We manage almost our entire tea and coffee production process, from roasting and blending the raw materials to packaging the finished product ready for distribution.

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Most of the roles at Taylors are based at our Plumpton Park in Harrogate alongside the Bettys Craft Bakery and Bettys Cookery School. Our warehousing and distribution centre is at St James Retail Park in Knaresborough.


Careers at Taylors

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