We’re Carbon Neutral

In 2019 our tea and coffee range achieved CarbonNeutral® certification and we’ve recently been certified as a CarbonNeutral® company, covering all of Bettys & Taylors operations. Both mark the culmination of many years work to reduce our emissions and establish carbon offsetting projects that directly benefit people and communities within our supply chain.

Climate change is impacting our planet. We’re seeing changes in rainfall patterns, increased temperatures, drought and more extreme weather events. And one of the biggest drivers of climate change is the volume of greenhouse gases – particularly carbon dioxide – emitted into the atmosphere.

It’s widely recognised that to slow down global warming, the world needs to move towards lower carbon or zero-carbon economies. As a business, we’ve been working towards becoming carbon neutral since 2015 – achieving our first goal, a carbon neutral tea and coffee range a year ahead of target in 2019.

Our carbon footprint

We measure two carbon footprints: one for our tea and coffee products, from bush to supermarket shelf, and another for our business operations.

  • Our tea and coffee range Product Carbon Footprint includes all emission from bush to supermarket shelf. It includes the cultivation and processing of tea leaves and coffee beans at origin; the manufacture of packaging; transportation of commodities and packaging to Harrogate; manufacturing and storage of product; distribution to retailers and disposal. Our tea and coffee range Product Carbon Footprint, based on data from our 2019 financial year, is 71,000 tCO2-eq.
  • Our Business Carbon Footprint includes all emissions from our own business operations, covering Taylors of Harrogate, Bettys Bakery, Bettys Cookery School and five Bettys branches. It includes purchased electricity and gas, transportation and distribution in our own vehicles or third-parties on our behalf, business travel and waste. Our total business carbon footprint (based on data from our 2020 financial year) is 3004 tCO2-eq.

Reducing our emissions

We have targets in place to ensure we continue to minimise our operational emissions. Just some of the ways we’ve worked to minimise our footprint are as follows:

  • Solar panels at Taylors generate 341,000 kWh of electricity per year. The factory is heated by a Biomass Boiler which uses FSC wood chips as fuel.
  • We’ve been zero waste to landfill across our Group since 2017.
  • Our cross-group electricity contract has been on a renewable, green contract since 2012. In 2017, we moved our gas contract to a green supply, sourcing from four UK anaerobic digestion plants.
  • We use an electric van for local internal deliveries, have a staff lift sharing scheme in place, and car charging points for staff and visitors in our car park.

Balancing the emissions we can’t avoid

To balance or ‘offset’ our remaining emissions, we’ve set up projects which directly benefit the communities and people in our tea and coffee supply chain. This has included working with The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program (TIST) to establish a significant tree planting project with 4,000 tea smallholders around Mount Kenya. TIST encourages smallholder farmers to improve their local environment and farms by planting and maintaining trees on degraded and unused land. As the trees grow the carbon capture is quantified and verified. This is then sold on the carbon market in the form of certified carbon credits, which we purchase to offset our emissions. In all, the project has planted over 1.5 million trees. As well as providing farmers with income from carbon credits, the trees also provide food, fodder and local environmental benefits.

We’ve also established fuel-efficient cook-stove projects with coffee growing communities in Malawi, which produce carbon credits by reducing emissions, while protecting forests and supporting families’ health and wellbeing.

To support this work, we’ve worked with Natural Capital Partners, experts in delivering positive impacts when it comes to carbon, renewable energy, biodiversity and water. CarbonNeutral® is the registered trademark of Natural Capital Partners and is a global standard to certify that businesses are able to report net zero emissions for their company, product or services in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol


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