Trees for Life

At Bettys & Taylors we’ve been planting and protecting trees since 1990. With the help of our customers we’ve planted 3 million trees worldwide and protected an area of Amazonian rainforest larger than the Yorkshire Dales.

Trees for Life was launched with a pledge to plant 1 million trees.

As a business that relies on agriculture for much of its produce, it makes sense for us to care for the health of the environment.  Planting trees around the world and protecting hundreds of thousands of hectares of rainforest has taught us the value of trees – not just for our planet, but for the communities who directly depend upon them.

Over the years our projects have directly enhanced local environments  by reducing soil erosion and flooding, and improving water conservation; played a role in combating climate change through rainforest protection and carbon sequestration; supported families and communities by providing food and enhancing livelihoods; and promoted environmental education, particularly with the young. We’ve worked with leading charities to support projects in Africa, India, South America, as well as here in the UK.

Current projects include a partnership with Woodland Trust to take saplings to schools across the UK and supporting tea farmers in Kenya to plant trees that can improve lives and livelihoods.

We’ve also launched our Centenary Trees for Life Fund, which is open to applications for projects that will make a difference to the Yorkshire landscape – from native tree planting to improved woodland access, enhanced habitats and environmental education.

If you work with a small charity, community or voluntary group or school in Yorkshire, then you can apply for a grant of up to £4000 to support your environmental project.


Trees for Life

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