Improving access to water for supplier communities

Kitabi and Gisovu Tea Estates Water Project Rwanda

Every day in rural communities across Africa, millions of people suffer from a lack of access to clean, safe water. As part of our commitment to ensuring that supplier communities are resilient for the long term, in 2015 we supported initiatives to improve water access for schools and villages in Kenya and Rwanda.

In remote hillside villages in tea growing regions of Rwanda, people had a 6 km trek every time they needed water.  Thanks to a partnership with two tea estates a water pipeline was installed, giving 600 families (approximately 3,000 people) easier access to fresh water. This will have far reaching implications. With more time to work people can earn more to support their families. Better access to water will reduce illness and disease. And because they’ll no longer have to help with the water collections, children can spend more time both at school and at play.

Meanwhile pupils in schools in the Mount Kenya tea growing region now also have access to fresh, clean water. Fifty schools which previously had no on-site water or intermittent and rationed water, are now home to large water tanks to harvest rainwater.  More than 16,800 school children now have improved access to clean drinking and washing water, improving their health and well being. Water tanks have also been built at two medical dispensaries, which are used by over 10,200 people.