Coffee and collaboration

As we strive for greater impact in our tea and coffee supply chains we’re starting to see what can be achieved through collaborations with our partners across the industry around a common goal.

In 2015 we embarked on a three-year project with Twin Trading, Marks and Spencer, Matthew Algie, and two smallholder cooperatives to increase the resilience of our coffee growing communities in Peru. The partnership was focussed on a holistic approach to reduce the risks associated with climate change, bring greater gender equality in rural communities and inspire young people to build a prosperous future in the coffee industry.

In order to bring this extraordinary project to life, we have created a short film that demonstrates some of the ways the project has made a tangible and positive difference to the lives of the farmers we work with. Directly benefiting over 550 farmers and their families, the project has given women the training and skills needed to take on leadership roles; it has seen more young people engaged and excited about working in coffee, and it’s helped improve coffee yields and quality for farmers.

Our Sustainable Sourcing Manager, Dr Krisztina Szalai, said “working together on a project that involved the whole supply chain has been a truly rewarding process; addressing some of the most fundamental sustainability challenges of our time requires collaboration at a level that reaches beyond individual supply chains. The success of this project is a testament to how industry-level collaboration can accelerate change and scale impact. What we have created with this project is a blueprint for change and a blueprint for collaboration that we hope to replicate in other regions as well in the future.”

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