Our Vision & Values

Being a family business, it’s no surprise that we think of our business as a legacy, to be handed down to future generations of stakeholders. By stakeholders we mean everyone who contributes to the business’s success: the family owners, the people who work for us, the communities we operate and trade in, our suppliers and our customers.

In practice, our business is guided by our Family Shareholder’s vision for the business – “Working together to build a great Yorkshire Family Business, inspired by our Swiss heritage, creating prosperity and pride by doing what we believe in” – and a set of values which we call the Six Ps: Prosperity, People, Planet, Product, Passion and Process. These principles underpin everything we do – the decisions we make and the way we operate our business.


We’re committed to remaining an independent family business and expect business strategies to be built on enduring economics.


We’re committed to a stakeholder model that values all our stakeholders and rewards them fairly.


We care about quality and exceptional customer service.


We believe in Swiss precision and attention to detail, lived in relentless operational excellence, with common sense, clarity, simplicity and agility prevailing over bureaucracy.


We believe our environmental approach should go beyond compliance and good practice in areas where innovative leadership initiatives sustain and may have a positive impact on our relationship with the planet and enhance our reputation.


The deep love and belief in what we do is the pounding heart of the family business. It lifts the spirit of all around us and creates our uniqueness. For the family shareholders, this pride and passion are valued as highly as prosperity.

Our Vision & Values

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